CCAoA Vroom Community of Practice



Child Care Aware® of America has activated Vroom®, a global initiative, in Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agencies across the nation, bringing the science of early brain development to families and child care through everyday moments.

CCR&R agencies are in a unique position to empower families, provide training and support to child care programs, and partner with community organizations to ultimately strengthen children's developing brains for a brighter future.

Join Our Vroom Community of Practice! CCAoA is hosting a Vroom Community of Practice (CoP) to bring members who are CCR&Rs together. The CoP will consist of:

  • Quarterly live calls
  • An online networking platform
  • Opportunities to learn from each other, share best practices and develop innovative strategies to empower families with the latest brain science and brain-building tools.

To learn more about registering for CCAoA’s Vroom Community of Practice, complete our interest form below and a CCAoA staff person will follow up with you by email with further details.

Content and Access

Once registered, your access will include items such as:

  • Virtual Toolkits
  • Webinars (coming soon)

To submit your interest, please fill out the form below!

Interested and want to sign up?

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