Intended Audience

This Disaster Ready CCR&R Toolkit is specifically designed to support CCR&Rs in their efforts to be better prepared to continue vital services and operations in case of a disaster or emergency.


After reviewing the contents of this toolkit and completing the activities, CCR&Rs will:

  • Be able to explain what a Disaster Ready CCR&R is and why it is important.
  • Be able to identify potential risks specific to your CCR&R.
  • Have the information and tools to create a written Business Continuity Plan.
  • Have additional resources to share with child care providers through technical assistance, coaching, etc., to assist with emergency preparedness, response and recovery. 


The materials and resources in this toolkit will help your CCR&R think about disaster readiness and develop a Business Continuity Plan.

Course Prerequisite: Organizations Preparing for Emergency Needs (FEMA)

Disaster Ready CCR&R definition

A Disaster Ready CCR&R is better prepared to ensure continuity of vital CCR&R services and operations, while supporting staff, child care providers, families and the community at large in case of a disaster.

Elements of a Disaster Ready CCR&R

  • A staff person designated to serve as Disaster Ready CCR&R champion.
  • A sustained, long-term agency focus on disaster readiness.
  • A Business Continuity Plan in place.
  • Multiple emergency supply kits available in various locations within the CCR&R agency’s physical space.
  • A written emergency plan in place to provide guidance on short-term emergency procedures (such as evacuating or sheltering-in-place).
  • An emphasis on personal preparedness for CCR&R staff.
  • Steps in place to support CCR&R staff mental health needs.
  • A focus on collaboration and partnerships to support disaster preparedness work and enhance community resilience.

Download the Steps to Becoming a Disaster Ready CCR&R PDF.